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Dear Friends,

I’ve been thinking more than writing lately.
Been thinking about Sue’s thoughts on influencing a child to do what is right and necessary.

I’ve been thinking about how to be a good friend, inspired by Hallie‘s pink book with the cute cover.

Also in Hallie’s book, in the last chapter, I read something that really spoke to me about the media and how much of it is exposed to our children. The essay encouraged me to not shun all media; to still carefully screen what my children see, but not to turn my back on all of it. One of the reasons was that children need to know good from evil. And there’s nothing like a good story of good vs. evil to show them exactly what evil can look like. So, at this age (6y, 3y, 1y), they still do not need to watch a lot of movies or TV, because play is still best for learning, but I won’t get so stressed out if they see something I didn’t want them to see. I will just be sure to discuss it with them so they know what was good about it and what was not.

I’ve been thinking a lot, almost too much about sewing. I really. really. really want this skirt, but I’m not sure I want to dish out 49 bucks for it (and who knows how much shipping is).

Not my photo (obviously). Image Source.

I like those maxi skirts. Who doesn’t? But I also like the stripey fabric. But it’s all made in China (like everything else on the planet, but I still don’t like supporting the country that makes everything that falls apart), and I really like making my own things, even though I don’t do it all that much. But I want to, and I know I can. Especially this easy maxi skirt with this tutorial.

Which brings me to another thing I want. A serger. Agh! I just want a serger, darn it. Is that so much to ask? How many of you have a serger? Do you love it? I know I would, if I had one, but I just don’t want to spend a fortune, or even half a fortune, or even a quarter-fortune, so I’m going to be patient. Good things come to those who wait. I’m going to check the Estate sales. Maybe God will get a good one for me for cheap. You never know. It’s happened before.

When I really, really, want something I don’t really need, I wait. I wait until that darn skirt up there, that I like to look at so much, is all sold out (it’s already sold out in an S) and then I can’t be tempted to get it anyways. Then I keep praying for me to find the thing I really want. I actually believe that God wants to grant us our insignificant little meaningless desires. Even with things we don’t need. I truly think that He gives us these things, as little gifts, just to let us know He loves us, and really does know what we are thinking.

Have you ever felt that way when you found a super awesome deal for something you’ve been really wanting? And I don’t mean deal as in: buy 2 get one free (that is not a deal, people). I mean DEAL, as in getting something great that you’ve really wanted for next to nothing at a thrift shop or gift from a friend.

Well anywhoo. I’ll let you know when such serger deal drops into my lap. We shall see.

Have a wonderful day!


PS: Please pray for me.
I’m experimenting today on getting rid of the headache that’s been plaguing me yesterday and today (but today not as bad as yesterday, or I wouldn’t be bloggin’.) Today’s possible cure is: eating no sugar, what-so-ever. Except the sugar that’s already in milk (cuz I ain’t drinking my coffee black).

Ok, for real. Have an awesome Wednesday. And Happy Birthday to my big bro, Michael.


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    I do have a serger, and it truly does receive more use than my sewing machine at times! My mom owned a serger, so I grew up using it and the regular machine together on projects. For some fabrics – knit, lining, sheer, etc. – it just makes sewing garments easier and quicker. One can sew all these fabrics on a reg. machine, but there are more steps involved to prevent fraying and to finish the seams. Long story short, I do REALLY, REALLY like having a serger!

    That is expensive for a knit skirt. Do you have a friend who could borrow you her serger so you can sew the skirt yourself?

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      No. =( I’m so tempted to cut some fabric, and bring it over to JoAnn’s and pretend I’m buying one of their machines so I need to try it out. Lol. Can you see me doing that? Haha.

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    I have found some great deals on our local Craigslist. Have you looked there for a serger? I would like one too!

    The parts of Hallie’s book that you mentioned are the ones that really stood out for me as well.

    As for deals, they make my day! I found a solid wood armoire for the TV that is absolutely beautiful for $50 on Craigslist and when I called to found out where it was located, they lived 2 blocks away!! It is one of my favorite pieces of our furniture.

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      Awesome!! We found an awesome TV armoire ON THE CURB. It is awesome and in perfect condition. Army family moving I guess. I could have never ever afforded something like that armoire, but we really need it and wanted something just exactly like it.

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    I’m sure the Good Lord will get you a serger. 😀 I also have been pining for a serger, but it’s so far from the priority list right now.

    My favorite deal: the entire series of “In Conversation With God” (including the little box to hold all the books) at the thrift store for $8. Like new condition. I truly believe that was one of those little gifts from God … no way could I afford them new, but alas; dropped into my lap at a price I could afford.

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    Those flowers simply took my breath away. What a perfect color and texture combination. GREAT photo! I have the same pink book and haven’t started reading it yet. I love maxi skirts too but what I really need is the body in that image more than the skirt. Must. Work. Out. ASAP. Good luck kicking that headache. Prayers…

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      Aren’t they gorgeous? My SIL left them here from a fancy wedding she was in. The peonies are from Sweden (so I’m told).

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    Elisa, I have a serger (we call them overlockers here!) which I bought from a sewing shop second hand. It was cheap but had a warranty and has been going strong for nearly ten years. I love it because it finishes an item off professionally. When I sew, I don’t want it to look homemade.

    With the children and being influenced, I was probably more relaxed than a lot – partly, because my husband isn’t Catholic and he didn’t see so much harm in certain things like TV, etc. but I talked to my children all the time and tried to be a good role model (that’s not so hard because God is always leading us to improve, I think – gradually). The older children have done fine – in fact, I’m really proud of them! Spiritually, morally and personally – despite everything not being as perfect as ideal. I hope you feel able to just do the best for you, right now – it’ll all turn out okay.

    I also think God is happy for us to have nice things if we share the joy with Him and the rewards with others. When we got our swimming pool, I worried about greed and materialism but then I realised that I was to just share the gift with others. Since then, a friend’s boys have learnt to swim in our pool – it was a huge thrill! It”s similar with the serger – you use it to make things for people and God will provide the money if He thinks you should have it – I’ve come to stop worrying about money because God has always provided (though, I try to be a sensible spender). The skirt is probably a necessity – we all need to look presentable and look after ourselves.

    Phew! A long comment! I hope I haven’t gone on too much – I related to your post.
    Hugs and prayers, Elisa:-)

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    I have no desire to learn how to use a serger, but I’m old. 😉

    I cut my patterns with a pinking shears and that’s good enough. Nothing has ever fallen apart. On the contrary, homemade stuff lasts forever. Or almost.

    I just bought a pattern similar to the one above (without the waist thingy). The first skirt I made was too small and then my dear friend Cheryl, from Time Really Does Fly (who recommended the pattern) told me I need to make it several sizes larger than I wear off the rack (even for a skinny minny like you). Anyway, so my first try (and second, gulp) were not successful but luckily I modified them for Faith. The pattern is Burda 3152 and the shape of the skirt is very similar to the one above. You could make it as long as you want. I am using lightweight cottons, however, not knits. I think they wash better. It’s a simple pattern with an elastic waist. It would look darling on you!

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      Thanks, Barbara! I will buy that pattern. Do you usually buy them online? Unfortunately, I went to a sewing shop and the fellow there said that my sewing machine is awesome and I don’t need a serger. =( We’ll see. =)

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      I bought the pattern online but had a heck of a time printing from my Mac. I finally had to have my computer savvy son print it from his not- a-Mac. I’m not sure it is available in stores. And make sure you measure the pattern before you cut your fabric. Or just cut several sizes larger.

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    Hi Elisa….I have to ask what is a serger?? Now remember I’m from Australia so might have them but they are probably called something else…….yes I agree with you that God does grant us our hearts desire to remind us he cares and as long as we’re not being selfish…hope your headache goes away….xo

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      Some people call them “overlock machines”. It is basically a machine that does all the finishing edges in one swoop…no hemming and then sewing; it just does it all at once. And my headache DID go away today. =) Praise the Lord!

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    Hi Elisa,

    Thank you for linking my post!

    I love the skirt. Most of my skirts are maxi skirts because I have very short legs and all shop bought clothes are long on me!

    I hope that headache goes away.

    God bless!

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    I have really struggled with TV and the role it plays in our house. I have a totaly love/hate relationship with it. There are good things about TV but I see a decided difference in my little kids when they watch it. And I don’t like it. They get really grumpy and act like zombies. I am trying to figure out how much is juse enough, lol. So they get the benefits of good TV, yet not so much it makes them too inactive and grumpy.
    Oh and you can make me that skirt too, lol.

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      Yes, my kids act like zombies after TV & all electronics, esp. my oldest. So I think the whole TV/movies thing is better for when they are older.

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