Nature Walk

After a long day, I steal a few minutes outside with my camera. All alone. Even though I don’t live in a cabin in the woods on a lake, I can find peace in nature right here, in the middle of the city, in the neighborhood, in the garden, barefoot on the grass, among the daisies and the bumblebees.

I love the colors this time of year. Where have you found beauty in nature? If you’d like to share, just leave your link in the comments. Grab a button, if you like.
At the house.

By the creek.

At the museum garden.

I. love. this color. What are these called?


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    Hi Elisa. The waving stalks of seeded grass are lovely and remind me of my own hometown creeks. I am sharing my trip to Williamsburg because it was the ultimate nature walk through green leaves and towering trees of old. P.S. Loved your little curtains yesterday – way to sew!

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    Pretty pictures as always. I love the swaying grass – so calming. The last flower is yarrow. No walk for me – packing, packing, packing… And a quick and go nursing schedule lately means no computer time. I’m sure I’ll be lively and noisy online soon enough. :)

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    Beautiful photos friend :) My walks lately have been just out back to the garden to pick a few ripe tomatoes and observe the new growth that has been taking place. Usually we end up eating a few of the cherry tomatoes before we even make it back into the house!

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    Beautiful photos. I have some of that color of yarrow in my garden and it is very invasive and needs to be controlled but in bloom it is pretty.

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