New Shiny Old Things

The beautiful watch my husband gave me six and a half years ago stopped working.  The jewelry store that replaced the battery said I should “trash it, it’s broken”.  I am Swiss.  I don’t trash watches.  Someone should be able to fix it.  So I haven’t made the phone calls yet, but I’m determined that someone out there still knows how to fix a broken watch.  In the mean time, look what I’m wearing?
This is an old wind up watch that was either my grandmother’s, or her identical twin sister’s.  I have to wind it about every day or so for it to keep going.  It is so pretty and it’s amazing that it keeps on ticking, as long as someone winds it.  If only this watch could tell me its life story…that would be fascinating.
This is my other new shiny old thing.  I’ve been trying to get my jewelry more organized.  I have a jewelry box (that the earring holder is standing on), but there is no place for earrings, unless you throw them in a drawer where they get tangled.  So for about a month now I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a nice earring storage option.  I found this beautiful heavy silver earring holder for $3 at the thrift shop.  I’ve never seen anything like it and I love how it just stands there, on top of the jewelry box on my dresser, casting shiny shadows across the room.


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    The watch and earring holder are so pretty! I love older things like that, they have so much more personality than the new things you can buy. I still have my moms old watch ( a wind up as well) and I used to wear it a lot.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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