Blog List – December 2014


Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Today I want to encourage you to visit some of my blogging friends. This is by no means a complete list, but I wanted to focus on these blogs because they have some of my favorite attributes in a blog. They are: personal – I think the best thing about blogging […]

Winter Wonderland


Today was really beautiful. The trees were all covered in white ice and they stayed like that for most of the day! It made me feel like I was in Narnia. I remember last year, driving through the country, and wishing I had my camera with me. Today I had only my cell, but maybe […]

Our Lady of Guadalupe Holy Card


Well, I kind of messed up the Saint Card Swap. It was supposed to be Saint, not a Blessed Mother Swap…but I think it will be still okay. I had a lot of fun making these. The children weren’t too interested, so I was the only one who made them. If all goes well, I should be […]

Remembering My Word of 2014

Welcome to my “new” blog! Actually, it is very much the same old blog (and same old me), but instead of being on Blogger, I am now on self-hosted WordPress, thanks to the lovely Julie for her awesome & affordable Blogger to WordPress Migration. I’m still learning how to tweak the design on WordPress. It’s […]

Saint Card Swap 2014

I have seen this over the years, and I’m finally participating! Check out the details at Kimberlee’s beautiful blog. You make 5 Saint cards, and get 5 in return! Deadline is Nov. 29th.  

Right Now…


…the chicken is in the oven, and I really. really. really hope it will be done by the time Daddy gets home from work. Likely it will. Daddy is stuck in traffic. …the house is a complete disaster. It’s amazing how many messes two little fellows can make while Mommy is nursing the baby. Oh, […]

Autumn Brings Changes


Hey there! What? A blog update from Elisa? =) Did you think I had given up blogging for good? I have missed it so, but I have not been able to find the time to sit down and quiet my brain enough to type anything up. I haven’t even had the time to go outside, […]

Garden, Food, and Baby


Hey. =) Long time no see. Here’s what’s been going on at my house lately… Today for lunch I made something super yummy: You can find the recipe here. I found it in a magazine. I adapted it a little: left out the almonds and tomatoes. For the lemon sauce I mixed up in a […]

K5 Learning Review


K5 Learning gave us a free 6-week trial in exchange for a blog review. You can get a 14-day free trial, regardless of whether you do a review or not, by clicking below:   K5 Learning is an online program for children that focuses on Math, Spelling, and Reading. My eight-year-old (just finished up 2nd […]

June 2014 Garden Notes


I just came in from the garden (the yard). This morning, it’s overcast and windy. We’ve done so much today already. We all went for a brisk walk this morning. The boys were on their bikes. Daddy helped the three-year-old, who is still a bit of a maniac when it comes to riding bikes. He […]