Remembering My Word of 2014

Welcome to my “new” blog! Actually, it is very much the same old blog (and same old me), but instead of being on Blogger, I am now on self-hosted WordPress, thanks to the lovely Julie for her awesome & affordable Blogger to WordPress Migration. I’m still learning how to tweak the design on WordPress. It’s […]

Saint Card Swap 2014

I have seen this over the years, and I’m finally participating! Check out the details at Kimberlee’s beautiful blog. You make 5 Saint cards, and get 5 in return! Deadline is Nov. 29th.  

Right Now…


…the chicken is in the oven, and I really. really. really hope it will be done by the time Daddy gets home from work. Likely it will. Daddy is stuck in traffic. …the house is a complete disaster. It’s amazing how many messes two little fellows can make while Mommy is nursing the baby. Oh, […]

Autumn Brings Changes


Hey there! What? A blog update from Elisa? =) Did you think I had given up blogging for good? I have missed it so, but I have not been able to find the time to sit down and quiet my brain enough to type anything up. I haven’t even had the time to go outside, […]

Elisa & doTERRA

​Hey Everyone!  Happy Swiss Independence Day! =) I will be celebrating along with my Swiss family & friends this weekend down in Omaha. YAY! Road trip! My parents get to meet the adorable and charming 3 month old baby Will. I’m so excited! ​ As many of you know, back in February, I started my […]

Garden, Food, and Baby


Hey. =) Long time no see. Here’s what’s been going on at my house lately… Today for lunch I made something super yummy: You can find the recipe here. I found it in a magazine. I adapted it a little: left out the almonds and tomatoes. For the lemon sauce I mixed up in a […]

K5 Learning Review


K5 Learning gave us a free 6-week trial in exchange for a blog review. You can get a 14-day free trial, regardless of whether you do a review or not, by clicking below:   K5 Learning is an online program for children that focuses on Math, Spelling, and Reading. My eight-year-old (just finished up 2nd […]

June 2014 Garden Notes


I just came in from the garden (the yard). This morning, it’s overcast and windy. We’ve done so much today already. We all went for a brisk walk this morning. The boys were on their bikes. Daddy helped the three-year-old, who is still a bit of a maniac when it comes to riding bikes. He […]

Around the Garden


A little bunny ate two of my small peonies! =( At the suggestion of facebook friends, I’ve sprinkled my last one with cayenne pepper. I will also put a little fence around all three. I’m hoping they will grow again if they can stop being bunny breakfast. There is also something digging in my flower […]

A Beautiful Gift for a Beautiful Baby


I got a package in the mail yesterday. I was just blown away at the lovely surprise that waiting inside. My dear friend Barbara sent me something beautiful for little William. Thank you, Barbara! If you don’t know Barbara, you should go visit her. I’ve been reading her blog about ever since I first started […]